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Search and Social Intertwined Forever

I remember when social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook first began solidifying as known quantities a few years back.  I was working in a start up SEO company in Jerusalem and we playing around with Twitter and even Stumble Upon traffic.  Search Engine Optimization was still defined link building and writing good content.

My how things have changed.  In December of 2010 Danny Sullivan wrote an article about how Google may use social sites to affect it’s search rankings.   As the months have passed since then it has become clearer to many that Twitter and other “buzz” oriented sites do have an effect on how Google ranks the “viewer authenticity” behind sites.  What this means is that Google uses Facebook likes and Tweets to help it to determine how real and authentic a site is in a particular keyword space.  One may ponder on the significance of this, but the importance of social buzz may be of such magnitude that if your site is feeding only off search results then it may be deemed to have a lack of “viewer authenticity” and be duly punished and appear lower in the search rankings.


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