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Does Content Matter?

SEOs have long felt that on-page content is important when determining a particular site’s uniqueness. This is certainly true. A search engine will “score” a particular site higher based upon a variety of on-page factors. One of these includes uniqueness. Others include a “conceptual relationship” to the particular search query. This is where a balance between uniqueness and broad concept connection comes together. One wants to convey a particular closeness to a query’s overall Synonymic thrust, but at the same time be utterly unique in approach.

Both Google and Bing are not bashful in terms of tying there search engine more and more to a taxonomy based on concept relationships rather than just using link juice and basic informational relevancy. In Google’s case this is being done through a series of knowledge bases and connecting their concept hierarchies to specific entities (i.e. Barack Obama, NY Yankees, etc.) This can be seen in Google’s acquisiton of Metaweb/Freebase [Hat Tip Bill]

As time goes on (and in our case time is flying by) Google, Bing and any future Search competitor will be much more interested in site content and the combination of concepts and the author’s unique approach to them when trying to figure out how to rank results.

So yes Content Matters!

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